Comprehensive Course on Clear Aligners


Course Objectives

75% of children and adults have a malocclusion. Patients are more aware of their smiles in this digital age due to selfies and wanting to be ‘camera ready’. Patients prefer Clear Aligner Treatment.

Correcting malocclusions prior to restorative dentistry is a cornerstone of a general dental practice and a pillar of oral health. Malocclusions cause perio problems, recession, bone loss, abfractions, fractured teeth, excessive muscle contractions causing pain and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).

Course Content
  1. Summary of complete records for Clear Aligners
  2. Differential diagnosis of aligner cases.
    1. Growing vs Non Growing
    2. Facial diagnosis
    3. Skeletal diagnosis
    4. Tooth diagnosis
    5. Airway assessment
    6. TMD assessment
  3. Method for submitting cases for aligners.
  4. Informed Consent for Aligner Therapy.
  5. Phase One Treatment: Functional and Skeletal problems
    1. Treat the face, jaw orthopedics first.
    2. Class II skeletal to Class I skeletal.
    3. Carriere Class II Motion, Functional Appliances.
  6. Technique for using Digital Scanner to take impressions.
  7. Indication for different attachments.
  8. Technique for bonding attachments.
    1. Hands on bonding
  9. Uprighting lower posterior teeth increases tongue space, tongue moves forward, prevents snoring and sleep apnea.
  10. Expansion of maxilla increases nasal cavity, encourages nasal breathing which is important to promote good health.
  11. 86% of consumers will pay more for a better experience (Internal marketing).
    1. Esthetically driven
    2. Functionally drive
    3. Occlusally driven
    4. Health driven
  12. Indications and techniques for IPR (interproximal reduction).
  13. Treatment Anterior open bite.
  14. How to prevent posterior open bites.
  15. Precision bite ramps (Deep overbites).
  16. Protocol for wearing aligners.
  17. How to take an occlusogram with the Digital Scanner to check the occlusal interferences after aligner therapy.
  18. External Marketing. Websites, google reviews, Facebook, signs, brochures.
  19. Indication for refinements.
    1. Tips and tricks
  20. Retention, lingual bonded retainers, Essix retainers.
  21. Office workflow
    1. Dental health scans
    2. Funnel system
    3. Role of team members
    4. Closing tips and techniques
    5. Appointment sequences

Aligners are a GP product. Anyone can do this and have success at Clear Aligners. When the Rondeau and DiRezze systems are applied the only limiting factor is how much the doctor wants to achieve for him or herself


Dr. Ron DiRezze is a general dentist in his 20th year of private practice. He practices in a fast paces, busy office incorporating the latest in technology while still adhering to proven textbook theory. He is on the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Clear Aligners and a lecturer for Rondeau Seminars. Dr. DiRezze has attained Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA), and the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Course Fees & CE

Continuing Education Credits

12 hours of CE lecture
2 hours of participation

Course Fees

Doctors:  $1,295
Staff:  $495
Includes extensive course manual

Full Payment (Both Sessions): $2390 – Save $200!
Includes 2 course manuals

Course fee plus taxes where applicable.
Refund and cancellation policy in effect.
Dates and locations subject to change without prior notice.