Dr. Brock Rondeau
Dr. Brock Rondeau

Dr. Brock Rondeau

D.D.S., I.B.O., D.A.B.C.P., D-A.C.S.D.D., D.A.B.D.S.M., D.A.B.C.D.S.M.

Dr. Brock Rondeau is a Diplomate of the International Board of Orthodontics, Diplomate American Board of Craniofacial Pain, Diplomate-Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines, Diplomate American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, Diplomate American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine, Master Senior Certified Instructor for the International Association for Orthodontics and was awarded the IAO’s highest honor – the Leon Pinker Award and Duane Stanford Award. He has published over 30 articles and numerous videos on orthodontics and is also a contributing editor for the Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry and the Journal of General Orthodontics.

Dr. Rondeau is one of North America’s most sought after clinicians whose practice is limited to the treatment of patients with orthodontic, orthopedic, TMJ and snoring and sleep apnea problems for the past 30 years. Read Dr. Rondeau’s articles here.

His expertise in teaching, combined with his insatiable thirst for knowledge in the orthodontic arena has pushed Dr. Rondeau to the very top of the orthodontic/orthopedic lecture circuit. He is without a doubt perhaps the most prolific speaker on the topic of functional orthodontic treatment.


Dr. Rondeau Podcast

Dr. Rondeau discusses the 4 main benefits of adding ortho and sleep to your general practice.