Dr. Rondeau speaking at a seminar

Orthodontics Training Seminars

I have been actively teaching orthodontic courses for the past 32 years. Over 20,000 dentists have attended my courses and lectures at orthodontic conventions. I have been extremely encouraged by the large number of dentists who have been able to take the knowledge they obtained and apply it to their general practices. Many dentists have told us that orthodontics was the missing link in their education and they are thoroughly enjoying helping the children and adults in their practice to achieve broad smiles, straight teeth, more attractive profiles, and healthy temporomandibular joints.  Here is some info on the different Orthodontics courses we offer:

Level I – Intro to Orthodontics

The purpose of this comprehensive 4 session, 8 day program is to teach general and pediatric dentists how to diagnose and treat simple orthodontic cases. Emphasis will be placed on thorough records and diagnosis. Treatment will involve using a combination of functional appliances mainly in mixed dentition and fixed orthodontic braces (straight wire technique) in permanent dentition. Dr. Rondeau’s systematic approach, organization and marketing tips make incorporating orthodontics into the general practice relatively easy.


Level II – Orthodontics

This 4 session 8 day Orthodontics course has been created for those who have attended Dr. Rondeau’s Level I Introduction to Orthodontics or are currently practicing orthodontics and want to take their practice to the next level with greater case diagnosis and finishing skills.

You will learn a system for treating patients that involves stabilizing the temporomandibular joint prior to any orthodontic treatment, and bring these important skills to your practice where you can ensure a beautiful smile, straight teeth and healthy jaw joints.


Level III – In Office

This 2 day program is offered to dentists who are presently practicing orthodontics.

This course will facilitate the incorporation of orthodontics, TMD and sleep dentistry into your general practice. You will work alongside Dr. Rondeau and his staff in London, Ontario where a hands-on approach to learning takes you from patient to patient for the ultimate learning experience. Evening meetings and case diagnosis are also included in this course.