A Hidden Revenue Stream Inside Your Practice You Can’t Afford to Ignore. Add Early Orthodontic Treatment: 50 Cases @ $5,000 = $250,000

December 14, 2017 @ 8:00 p.m. EST

It’s true – you CAN tap into a hidden revenue stream within your practice AND help more patients experience a better quality of life at the same time. The key?
And whether you’ve never considered adding this high-value service… or you have tried it before but stopped… or you’re only doing it half-heartedly in your practice today… or even are an experienced Veteran now offering it regularly…

During this special training, you’ll discover from the Master:

  • Why Orthodontics can be your ultimate retirement plan (the added production can truly be a game-changer for your practice).
  • How adding Ortho services can set you apart from all other competing Dentists around you – making you the logical choice for comprehensive oral health.
  • Specific tactics to be more effective with Ortho including the right ways to integrate it, and above all else make sure you profit from it.
  • Incredible case study examples that drive home the transformative benefits your patients will experience when you incorporate this service.
  • The importance of Early Treatment and your critical role on the “front lines” of patient health care.
  • How to identify and treat simple orthodontic cases and refer the difficult cases to your Orthodontist.
  • Powerful strategies Dr. Rondeau has used (with my help of course) to grow again by another 25% this year! (He’s having a record year in his practice that is limited to the practice of Orthodontics, TMJ and Snoring and Sleep Apnea.)
  • And much more besides… this training is exactly what you need if you want the perfect finish to your cosmetic cases, or an exit away from the laborious restorative work you are doing now.