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Class II Carrière Motion Appliance

Dr. Luis Carrière, an orthodontist from Barcelona Spain, introduced his philosophy of SAGITTAL FIRST for class II cases.  Do not miss this presentation which could change the way you treat Class II cases.

Shorter treatment time gives happier patients!

Dr. Brock Rondeau

2 Parts to Motion Appliance

Upper arch: Curved bar from the mesial 1/3 of the cuspid of the midpoint of the upper first molar.

Lower arch: Bracket lower first molars. Essix retainer covering all lower teeth to prevent flaring of lower incisors.


– 1st month: Force 1, LIGHT force – 6 oz elastics
– 2nd, 3rd and 4th month: Force 2, HEAVY force – 8 oz elastics


– Correct mesially rotated first molars
– Correct mesially inclined upper first molar
– Distalize upper first molars
– Different amounts of mandibular advancement


– Improves health of TMJ
– Increases size of airway
– High acceptance rate of patients
– Correct Class II molar relationship first when co-operation is the highest level

Total Treatment Time: 3 - 5 Months

Class II Cuspid
Class II Cuspid
teeth with Class I Cuspid - 3 Months
Class I Cuspid - 3 Months