Labs & Exhibitors

Visit Dr. Rondeau's patient site at which is designed for patient education of orthodontics, orthopedics and TMJ health to the general public. This comprehensive site includes before and after treatment photos and a summary of the appliances used to treat patients.


Cerum Ortho
Cerum Ortho Organizers is a Canadian Company providing Canadian doctors with a complete and full range of technologically advanced orthodontic products ; with 24 hour service from our Canadian Warehouse which allows for border free purchasing.

Cerum Ortho advancing the future of Orthodontics!

Five Star Orthodontics

Five Star Orthodontics offer the highest quality lab services and supplies and are making improvements and providing excellent services at our brand new Denton, Texas facility.

We enjoy serving all of our valuable customers and look forward to new relationships as we continue to support the orthodontic community and its dental patients.

Full service dental laboratory dedicated to dentists across Canada.

Supplying dentists world wide with orthodontic supplies.

O2 Orthodontic Laboratory™
The O2 Orthodontic Laboratory™ of Ortho Organizers® offers a vast array of high-quality products and orthodontic laboratory services, developing custom, precision orthodontic appliances.

Protec Dental
Protec Dental Laboratory offers a complete range of crown & bridge, denture and orthodontic products. Rely on Protec to advance the science of dentistry through innovation and technology!

SML - Space Maintainers Laboratories

Headquartered in Southern California with multiple locations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and Malaysia, SML (Space Maintainers Laboratories) partners with more than 150,000 dentists and orthodontists worldwide. We provide access to everything a practice needs to ensure success – from custom fabricated appliances to treatment planning to products and supplies to diagnostics and 3D digital models.


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