Mini Residency in Sleep Disorder Dentistry

Preparation for the setup of a dental office in private sleep lab

Preparation for credentialing for your Diplomate status for the following organizations:


American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine

Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines


Course Content  (Click here for the Course Flyer)

For the Doctors.....

Rondeau Seminars 2-day sleep course for doctors.  The two day course will include an extensive 278 page manual on Dental sleep Medicine.

For the Staff.....

Two day sleep course for the dental auxiliary on the principles, fundamentals and treatment of Sleep Disorder Breathing patients.  The dental auxiliary course also includes an extensive staff manual.  The key to a successful practice is a well trained staff, knowledgeable in sleep.

For the Doctors.....

Rondeau Seminars 20 hour online sleep course.  Includes CD of 125 scientific articles. 

In-Office course at Dr. Rondeau's office, 2 days.  This 2 day course is for both the doctor and the staff.  During this 2 day course we will have at least 14 sleep disordered breathing patients booked in different stages of treatment.  You will follow the proper appointment sequence. 

Appointment # 1: Initial Consultation 45 mins

You will work chair side with each of my Sleep Assistants to learn the correct communication skills for interviewing and collecting the necessary patient information.  

Appointment #2: Diagnostic Records 1 1/2 hr

During this comprehensive appointment it will be demonstrated to you the thoroughness of gathering the proper information essential for a complete diagnosis of the sleep disorder breathing patient. We will also complete the sleep disorder examination forms i.e. Mallampati Classification, evaluation of the tongue and how to grade the tonsils. Proper technique for Intra Oral photography. Pharygnometer to evaluate the pharyngeal airway. Rhinometer to evaluate the nasal airway. JVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) to evaluate the health of the TMJ. 

Appointment #3: Final Consultation, Impression and Bite Registration: 1 hr

During this case appointment presentation, Dr. Rondeau will be reviewing the diagnostic records including the sleep study and diagnosis by the sleep specialist. He will also review the Informed Consent and Financial Arrangement. Following this appointment we will proceed to take the impressions for the oral appliance and bite registration utilizing the Airway Metrics System. 

Appointment #4: Insert of Oral Appliance ½ hr

After completing this appointment you will have the confidence in communicating with the patient the expectations of wearing an oral appliance to treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. We will inform the patient on what to expect while wearing the appliance and how to titrate the appliance. 

Learn how to market your sleep practice.....

You will be trained to send out comprehensive reports to primary care physicians regarding their patients prior to treatment.  Also, post-treatment reports are sent to all physicians and sleep specialists involved in the patient's care.     

We will provide you with a Media Package.  This package includes our Library Presentation, advertisement for the newspaper, PowerPoint presentation (286 slides), radio ads and the forms that are handed out during the lecture.  Each participant will attend the Library Presentation during the In-Office portion of the course.

Typically, we will do a Library Presentation once a month.  At these meetings we will have anywhere from 15-35 attendees which usually results in 5-10 new patients.

Visit the Bluewater Sleep Disorders Clinic.....

See how a dental office in a sleep lab operates.

Meet the owner of the sleep lab and sleep specialists.

Review procedures to have course participants set up a dental office in a sleep lab.

Observe what happens at night with sleep technicians, PSG (polysomnogram), etc.

Opportunity to spend 10 hours in a sleep lab.

A DVD for the dental auxiliaries to review.....

Includes airway evaluation and nasal evaluation, different oral appliances, Epworth Sleepiness Scale, TMJ Health Questionnaire, Initial Snoring & Sleep Apnea Screening form, educational videos of apneic events, children with acid reflux, etc.

Course Instructor:  Terra Watson-Smyth, Dr. Rondeau's sleep assistant (15 years experience).

Help in preparing for taking the Diplomate exams.....

Comprehensive notes on the important medical and dental information to help prepare for Diplomate exams in various organizations.

My staff will assist in the organization of your sleep records in preparation for the 10-15 cases that must be submitted to obtain your Diplomate status.

Online TMJ course, 20 hours.....

The 2005 practice parameters of the AASM state clearly that "Oral appliances should be fitted by qualified dental personnel who are trained and experienced in the overall care of oral health, the temporomandibular joint, dental occlusion and associated oral structures".

Online Advanced Sleep course, 25 hours.....

Dental Module Instructor:  Dr. Brock Rondeau

Medical Module Instructor:  Dr. Dawne Slabach

Different types of home monitoring devices including ApneaLink, Embletta X100, ARES, Medibyte, Watch-Pat, etc.

Sleep pharmacology.

Surgical options. 

Requirements for Diplomate:



  • 50 hours CE in Dental Sleep Medicine in previous 3 years
  • 10 hours in sleep lab
  • 15 cases meeting specific criteria



  • 45 hours CE in Dental Sleep Medicine in previous 2 years, 15 of which solely dedicated to TMD
  • 5 hours in sleep lab, 5 hours in office of sleep physician
  • 20 cases meeting specific criteria


  • 50 hours CE in Dental Sleep Medicine in previous 5 years
  • 10 hours on-site sleep medicine observation
  • 10 cases meeting specific criteria